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Welcome to Back Cove Financial, where you will find friendly and practical investment planning that reflects your life. Your whole life.

In addition to competent advice regarding investments, our clients have come to count on us to listen to their questions about major financial decisions (e.g., car, house) and quickly distill the conversation into an action plan. In addition:

  • We help you assess personal cash flow and debt reduction.

  • We ask about your children and your career.

  • We are interested in your work and how it plays into your life balance.

  • We are a sounding board for business planning and strategies through the lens of your return on investment.

In the highly regulated world of financial services, advisors must pay strict attention to the complicated consulting and transactional standards set out for them. Back Cove Financial is thoroughly cognizant of those requirements and will help you manage your investments with integrity, reflecting the highest standards of practice.

Back Cove Financial is a privately held, independent business located in the Greater Portland area in Maine. Our organized, practical approach to planning and our focus on individual goals make Back Cove Financial one of the premier investment firms in New England. We welcome you to contact us at 207.541.9500 or at

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